LPPC Statement On Technology Neutral Tax Reform

LPPC Statement On Technology Neutral Tax Reform

Washington, D.C., May 4, 2017

As the largest consumer-owned utilities in the United States, Large Public Power Council (LPPC) members are focused first and foremost on providing reliable and affordable electricity for the customers and communities we serve across the country. That is why LPPC generally supports federal policies that allow for regional differences and local governance, encourage innovation and flexible compliance, and promote a resource-neutral, balanced energy portfolio.

LPPC is encouraged by Senator Wyden’s efforts to develop tax legislation that creates performance-based energy tax incentives for investments in clean energy that are technology-neutral. We are also pleased to see that, as currently written, the Clean Energy for America Act includes a provision that would provide an incentive for public power similar to the tax incentives proposed for investor owned utilities and other developers of clean and renewable energy facilities. These incentives will positively affect LPPC members’ ability to ensure reliable service at affordable rates.

LPPC members seek out and utilize financial tools that allow them to provide electricity, fuel and supplies that keep energy prices at stable, customer-friendly levels. To that end, LPPC has worked for many years to obtain an effective incentive for clean energy facilities that is comparable to the tax credits available to investor-owned utilities and other owners of clean energy facilities. Senator Wyden’s proposal is a promising step forward. We look forward to working together with Senator Wyden and his colleagues as the legislative process unfolds. .


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Thursday, May 4, 2017