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About LPPC

Serving A Critical Purpose

LPPC is the voice of large public power in Washington, DC. We advocate for policy that enables our members to invest in their communities and provide affordable and reliable electric power to millions of American families and businesses.

Our members are 29 of the largest public power systems in the nation. Together, they serve 30.5 million American consumers across 22 states and Puerto Rico. As not-for-profit utilities owned by and accountable to the communities they serve, our members offer some of the cleanest, most reliable, and most affordable energy in the U.S.

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Key Issues

The FUture of
Public Power

About Public Power

Where community matters most

Public power is a mission-driven business model that empowers local communities and gives citizens a voice in their energy future. Not-for-profit and consumer-owned, public power is directly accountable to those they serve. To meet the evolving needs of their communities, public power invests millions every year in new infrastructure and clean energy technologies, while offering the most reliable electric service and the lowest monthly power bills in the nation.

  • Locally-governed,
    not-for-profit utilities
  • Lowest electric bills in the nation
  • Most reliable electric service in the U.S.